VESA is broken up into 7 Regions: South West, Central West, Central East, North West, North East, Mid-West and East. Each Region has a Regional Council which seeks input from local Units, meets and discusses the issues identified and selects issues for escalation to the Board of Directors.

Unit Delegates

Each member unit of VESA elects two delegates who convey the thoughts and feelings of their unit and it’s members to the Regional Council. The time spent on this important duty can be as much as the Delegate wants to put in or as little as the Delegate needs to. Each unit is different and the units’ Delegates will need to put in the effort that their unit expects from them. It is a responsible position but not an overly onerous or laborious one.

Regional Councils

The elected delegates from units within their region form a Regional Council. When units have been unsuccessful in raising issues themselves with their Regional Manager, the council is charged with addressing those local issues. The council will then rise issues directly with their VICSES Regional Manager and report any outcomes to the respective units. Councils that are unable to resolve issues with their respective Regional Manager report (via their elected Director) to the Board of Directors to further advocate an outcome with VICSES Management.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees issues affecting Volunteers and Units. Issues and concerns are raised through the respective Regional Council. The Board liaises with Chief Officer Operations to promote fair and reasonable changes to policy that may affect Volunteers and Units. It also aims to ensure Volunteer input in the development of those changes. The Board also oversees the creation specific sub-committees or task forces for specific tasks which both delegates and regular unit members can be apart of.

Board of Executive

The Executive Board oversees the governance and financial requirements of VESA. The board manages policies, procedures, organisational structure, financial & taxation obligations. The board also provides representation to other organisations and the media.