How to register

VICSES Volunteers and Staff
Step 1: Register your member number with the VA.
  • Click here to register your member number with the VA.
Step 2: That’s it!
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email once your account is approved.
  • Once approved, click here to login.

It says my member number is already registered?
  • If during registration it says your member number is already taken, this means your member number is already registered.
  • Click here to login. If you’ve never logged in before, your member number is your password. You can change this password at anytime once logged in.

Why do I have to register, couldn’t you register all members automatically?

  • Due to VICSES’ privacy policy, the association was not permitted to automatically register or contact individual members via their VICSES members email address.

I’m still having trouble registering or logging in?
  • Don’t worry, if you run into difficulties, please email the VA IT Support Team at [email protected]

I’m from an Interstate SES Unit or Other Emergency Services Organisation, can I register?
Yes! You will only have access to and receive email notifications for the Phoenix Journal.

  • Click here to register your Member, ID or Badge number with the VICSESVA.