Regional Councils

The elected delegates from units from within their region form their Regional Council. The regional council has various positions required to ensure the council functions and is managed in accordance with VICSESVA policy.

Council Members
  • To uphold the values and objectives of VICSESVA.
  • To devote adequate time and energy to the duties of being a VICSESVA Regional Council Member.
  • To act with integrity and avoid, or declare, personal conflicts of interest.
  • To represent the views, and address issues of concern, from VICSES members from their respective region.
  • To observe the team behaviours adapted from the SES values and behaviours (below)
  • To ensure that VICSESVA RC is governed well and to oversee its proper functioning.
  • To liaise with VICSES regional staff on issues relevant to VICSESVA RC members.
Vice President
  • To support the President and act as President as required.
  • To ensure Regional Council members are kept informed in a timely and efficient manner of relevant issues.
  • To be responsible for meeting announcements, agendas and minutes.
  • To represent their Regional Council as a member of the VICSESVA board, with applicable voting rights on behalf their Regional Council
Alternate Director
  • To support the Director and act as Director when required.
Unit Delegates
  • To represent the views and issues of their respective units.
  • To report back to their units on the workings of their Regional Council.
  • To solicit input from their units on issues/matters raised by other members.
  • To promote their Regional Council at a unit level.