Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees issues affecting Volunteers and Units. Issues and concerns are raised through the respective Regional Council. The Board liaises with Chief Officer Operations to promote fair and reasonable changes to policy that may affect Volunteers and Units. It also aims to ensure Volunteer input in the development of those changes. The Board also oversees the creation specific sub-committees or task forces for specific tasks which both delegates and regular unit members can be apart of.

Regional Director
  • To uphold the values, ideals and objectives of VICSES Volunteers.
  • Represent the views of their respective regional council.
  • Provide unbiased, apolitical advice and guidance to the Board.
  • Utilise personal expertise in relevant matters.
  • To uphold the values and objectives of VICSESVA.
  • To devote adequate time and energy to the duties of being a Regional Director.
  • To act with integrity and avoid, or declare, personal conflicts of interest.
  • To observe the team behaviours adapted from the SES values and behaviours (below)

Director behaviours adapted from SES values and behaviours
  • Ability to build cooperative relationships within the team, and with other teams at VICSES
  • Actively listens to others and seeks to understand the other’s point of view
  • Gives and receives constructive feedback
  • Demonstrates respect for people and their roles both within own team and other teams
  • Meets issues and disagreements in a positive and constructive manner
  • Contributes positively to the team effort
  • Takes responsibility for own actions, does not blame others
  • Maintains confidentiality, is tactful
  • Positively represents the interests of own team to others